Discover the Private Label

Our capabilities include the creation, development, production and mixing of dog treats to your specifications.  We have the tools required to assist you in the development and launch of your private label program.
We mix, package, encode and label in-house, which enables us to act fast and flexible and thus to offer you optimal support.
We gladly think along with you about the options that will serve you best.


Jack Doggies' own packaging devision allows manifold packaging possibilities. We can package your ordered products according to how you wish to offer them to your customers. To give you an idea: our state of the art packaging equipment allows us to trans wrap products (higly recommended for bulk packaging), to flow wrap them (suitable for single and multi-packs) or to equip them with a hanging strip like Euroloch. We can also pack them manually, for example in boxes or cones, or in advent calendars or other promotional packaging. If desired all prepacked products can be equiped with a weight control label as is requested for prepacked e-products and with encoding to enable optimal traceability and connection to your logistics system.

Below you will find some examples of the packaging possibilities we offer. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!