Fair products for a good price

For us and our (exclusively) European partners social responsibility and environmental awareness are not just words, but the nucleus of our business operations. Our packaging division is exclusively manned by employees who are disadvantaged in the labour market. And whether it is the ingredients of our treats or their packaging, we strive for the highest standards, constantly watching the market trends and responding to them.

For over 25 years Jack Doggies has proved to be a reliable partner, offering client-specific fair products and packagings for a good price.


Jack Doggies holds the opinion that dog treats should add to a dog's wellbeing. Therefore we put the quality of our products first. The ingredients of our products meet the highest European standards and, taking our corporate social responsibility, are produced by our (exclusively) European partners within Europe in an environmentally-responsible way. The same goes for our packaging materials.

Furthermore, we think that Jack Doggies' products should be within reach of every dog owner's budget. That is why we embrace the oncoming concept of private labelling and ride this trend.

Not only by offering our customers high quality products in flexible quantities packaged with their own label, but also by thinking along with them about how to best meet their clients' wishes. 

Jack Doggies strongly believes that corporate social responsibility should not focus on environmental sustainability alone, but also on human resource management. We take this responsibility by offering employment in our packaging division to people who face disadvantages in the labour market due to a mental impediment and by choosing producers who share our believes.


Jack Doggies pursues long term partnerships with its suppliers as with its customers. Furthermore, we aim to be a reliable partner, offering our customers

  • high quality products, produced by European partners in an environmentally-responsible way within Europe
  • up to date knowledge of the market trends, private labelling being one example, and the ability to respond to them
  • products that radiate our corporate social responsibility which contributes to our customers' corporate image
  • dog treats that are within reach of every dog owner's budget
  • employment to people who are disadvantaged in the labour market
  • flexibility, reliability and continuity.